LECTURES 2017 - 18

LECTURES 2017-18

All lectures will take place on Saturday mornings at the Swarthmore Education Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds, LS3 1AD, starting at 11.00 am. Note earlier start time for AGM.


28 October      
The Leeds & Liverpool Canal : Its Origins and History
Mike Clarke
A look at the origins of the canal age, and the place of the early waterways of Yorkshire and Lancashire in its development. It is completed by an overview of the history of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, which includes new material on the route of the canal in Leeds. Canal historian, Mike Clarke, is founder and president of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society.

18 November               
Tramways in the British Isles Since the End of World War II
John Meredith
A survey of the 37 traditional systems, 13 heritage lines and 8 modern tramways that have operated in the British Isles since 1945, illustrated with 100 photographs.

16 December
Sir Thomas Bouch, Victorian Civil Engineer : Hero? Villain? Victim? Or Bad PR?
Bill Jagger
Northerner Sir Thomas Bouch was the designer of the ill-fated Tay Bridge, but had achieved a great deal before the disaster. This talk shows that the task of designing the longest railway bridge in the world (at the time) was not given to an insignificant engineer.


27 January                  
Whitakers of Horsforth – Engineers, Contractors, Quarry Owners and Brickmakers
Stewart Liles
The firm of Whitakers, father and four sons, owned quarries at Pool Bank, Horsforth and Rothwell. From 1881 they were manufacturing bricks, and opened a works at Ravenscar c1901. They also carried out major civil engineering contracts, using their steam navvies, cranes, etc.

17 February     
events and occurrences at yorkshire collieries from a miner’s perspective
Steve Wyatt
A look, by a former Dodworth miner, at the realities of life in the industry, with an account of the disasters at Norcroft Colliery in 1821 and Oaks Colliery in 1866.

17 March         
Samuel Fox and his Stocksbridge Steelworks
Andrew Hurrell
A short history of a surviving steelworks, founded in 1842, told by a former employee, now local historian and photographer, through old and historic photographs.

28 April           
Section AGM and members' session       Start time 10.45 am
Following the business meeting of the AGM there will be the Members’ Session. This is an excellent opportunity to give a short presentation on sites you have visited and/or share aspects of research being undertaken and exchange ideas with fellow members.