All lectures will take place on Saturday mornings at the Swarthmore Education Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds, LS3 1AD, starting at 11am. Note earlier start time for AGM.

15 October 2016

Matthew Murray and The Firm Fenton, Murray & Co
Paul Murray Thompson

The talk, by a descendant of Murray, explores Murray’s background, his work for John Marshall, their relationship with Boulton & Watt, the partnership with David Wood and changes during the firm's life. The firm’s activities, as a supplier e.g. to the Brunels, production of textile machinery, stationary engines, locomotives, marine engines and fireproof mill construction will be examined.

12 November 2016

The History and Archaeology of the Yearsley Watermill
Geoff Snowdon

An account of the identification of a previously unrecorded watermill site through an archaeological survey, and the subsequent excavations undertaken to investigate the extant remains.

17 December 2016

From 10¼ to 7 ft
John Meredith

An illustrated exploration of narrow and broad gauge railways in Central and North Wales in 1948 and 1950.

14 January 2017

Scientific Reading, Self Education and Manufacturing in Georgian Leeds
Rebecca Bowd

An exploration of the extent and importance of reading among Leeds's merchant-manufacturer community during the industrial revolution. A detailed example of one Leeds manufacturer, John Marshall, will demonstrate that reading was an important means by which manufacturers acquired technical and scientific knowledge in the 18th century.


18 February 2017

The Mining and Working of Jet
Carol Cook

This talk explores the history and composition of jet, where it is found and how it is mined. Finishing and uses and uses of jet in the 19th century will be examined, concluding with the subsequent decline of the industry.

18 March 2017

Preserving and Promoting Upper Nidderdale's Industrial Past
Louise Brown

Upper Nidderdale’s rich resources have long been exploited and the remains of these industries are still evident. The Heritage Lottery funded Upper Nidderdale Landscape Partnership has identified ‘Flagship Heritage Sites’ such as Scar Navvy Camp, the Prosperous Lead Mine complex and Wath Mill. The talk will explain the work being done to conserve and explain these sites for future generations.

22 April 2017

Start time 10.45am

Following the business meeting of the AGM there will be the Members’ Session. This is an excellent opportunity to give a short presentation on sites you have visited and/or share aspects of research being undertaken and exchange ideas with fellow members.